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Spring flowers

How to welcome Spring,
and harness your inner power

On Sunday 20th March we welcomed the 2022 Spring Equinox – the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere – where the sun is exactly above the equator and the hours of daylight and dark are of equal length – equally balanced.

Spring is a special time of the year. We see new new phases of life come into being all around us, buds of green and blossom begin to appear on bare trees, grass and woodland flowers emerge from the ground, the glorious sun shines down on us. New and revitalising energy is all around.

We may ourselves experience a sense of hope, motivation, lightness, relief, the desire to be in nature, and the hunger to create.

This can therefore be a beautiful moment to hit pause, to reflect on where we are in our journey, to identify the things we want to release that no longer serve us – be it thoughts, habits or limiting beliefs – to find ways to continue cultivating our healing and self-love; to grow and evolve in new ways, to align ourselves with the energy of Spring, and to harness our inner power.

So, let us relish in the beautiful energy of Spring. Let us open our hearts to the lessons and opportunities the new season gifts us with.

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Meditate to connect with the energy of Spring
Spring is a time to reconnect with nature

How to welcome Spring and harness your inner power

  • Listen to my new ‘Welcoming Spring’ guided meditation to help you to relax and release what is no longer serving or supporting you on your journey, so you can welcome in the new.

    >> Listen here:

  • Do something kind and loving for yourself, to nourish yourself on all levels so you can embrace this new season and all that comes with it. Book a treatment, a sound bath, a Reiki treatment (read more here), a meditation or yoga class, take a long walk and pack your favourite book, a journal and a picnic. If feelings of guilt or doubt come up at the idea of doing something for you, notice them and let them go. You deserve this time, because why not? Why shouldn’t we do something loving for ourselves. Also, remember this very simple truth: “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”

  • Get out into nature – Mother Nature is calling you. Visit one of your favourite nature spots, take your shoes and socks off, soak it all up – the beauty of nature, the energy of new beginnings. Listen to the sounds, really listen. Awaken all your senses, feel nature’s energy flow through you, allow it to rejuvenate and energise you.

  • Start a new creative project, or bring that idea you’ve been sitting on to life – there’s no time like the present. It can be so easy to overthink and procrastinate on work, projects, creative ideas – to doubt ourselves or question what the point is, to give into fears that we don’t have time, and it goes on. Seize the spirit of new beginnings that Spring brings and kick-start something new, honour the part of you being pulled in the direction of something creative, honour your curiosity and hunger to create.
Inspiring quote on creativity by Ram Dass
  • Declutter your physical world – now is an ideal time for a Spring Clean of your external world, which can work wonders for helping to calm your internal world too. What physical items are you holding onto that you no longer need? If it’s difficult to detach and let go, ask yourself, why am I holding onto this so much? Is this something I truly need? This doesn’t mean you need to start giving up all your belongings, but it’s so easy to hold onto unnecessary things for the sake of it, which can create more baggage for us in lots of ways. Bag up the things you no longer need for a local charity shop, knowing these items will bring others joy.

  • Declutter your internal world – get out into nature with a pen and notebook, or light a candle when you have a few moments to yourself, and reflect on what beliefs, thoughts or behaviours no longer serve you or support your self-love and healing i.e. what’s holding you back? The first step is noticing and acknowledging these things, and getting specific about the new. What would you like to invite into your life? The energy of Spring is a perfect moment to reflect in this way. You may like to write things you wish to release on pieces of paper and very safely burn them as a little letting go ritual. Then, write down some new, realistic, from the heart intentions. If you need some guidance, check out my Instagram post on identifying and working to release limiting beliefs:

I also love this from Deepak Chopra:

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