Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions

Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions

We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.


What are Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions?

Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions are single, 1-hour, one-to-one mindfulness sessions to create space and time so you can rest in mindfulness.

With me as your mentor and guide, experience for yourself the very powerful, invaluable benefits that come with learning to pay attention to your moment-to-moment experience without judgment.

How do Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions work?

We will have an initial introduction chat to get to know one another and see if the relationship is a good a fit, where you can learn about me and how future sessions will work, and we can explore your goals together. 

From there, if the relationship feels right for us both, we will meet either in-person or virtually for 1 hour per session.

During each session, I will guide you through gentle meditations so you can connect with your compassionate heart and the present moment. You will experience simple but transformational mindfulness practices and techniques that you can take away to do in your own time to help empower and support you, equipping you with everything you need to move forward in your life feeling more empowered, free and joyful.

I will support you to implement your own daily mindfulness practice, including how to weave this into every part of your life, so you can get to know who you truly are and grow and evolve in the ways you would like to. If implemented regularly as part of your ongoing self-care, these practices really do have the power to make deep transformations within you, making a ripple effect in all areas of your life.

Please note that if you are currently experiencing serious psychological difficulties or have stopped taking psychiatric medication against the advice of a psychiatric professional, a meditation mentorship may not be a good fit.

Your investment in Wholeheartedly Mindful Sessions

Each Wholeheartedly Mindful session lasts 1-hour and costs £55.