Reiki Healing & Mindfulness Mentoring

Know You. Love You. Be You, Wholeheartedly.

I’m Katie, a Reiki practitioner and mindfulness mentor.

Inspiring you to shine as the beautiful, unique, wholehearted you by providing a safe, sacred space for you to rest, deepen your healing and get to know, and love, who you truly are.

In short:

No more living as a shadow of yourself.
No more playing small.
No more anxiously doubting your every word or move.

Just you, thriving in life as the person you were meant to be,
shining from the inside out.

Through Reiki healing and mindfulness mentoring, go on an incredible journey to deepen your healing, and get to know, and learn to love, who you truly are.

It’s about creating precious time and space for you so you can rest from it all, and begin to understand yourself in new, kind and loving ways. Understanding the way your mind, thoughts and feelings work, so you can reconnect with yourself, deeply.

From here, with commitment and self-compassion, rediscover more ease, joy, creativity, and love… Moment to moment, realisation to realisation, loving thought to loving thought.

Because you’re probably reading this because you’re exhausted of feeling like you’re up against yourself, of the emotional and mental pain each day brings, and despairing that this might be it – you’ll “be” or feel like this forever.

I promise you it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s time to step into your incredible power and to get to know, and love, who you truly are.

I’m here to guide you, because I’m on a mission to share Reiki healing, meditation and mindfulness to empower people just like you to get to know, and love, who they truly are.

It’s time to shine as the person you were meant to be.

I know what it’s like to feel hopeless and weighed down. To always be stuck in your self-critical, self-doubting mind. People pleasing and tip-toeing your way through life in an attempt to avoid more mental and emotional pain. Trying to find a sense of safety and belonging, but never quite getting there.

I also know how it feels when you finally begin to connect with the real you; how the amazing and very real transformations feel when you start to heal deeply and see yourself with the compassion and understanding you deserve, rather than with judgment and shame.

It’s about journeying inwards, with curiosity and kindness, to discover the truth of who you are, and with new insight and understanding, transforming the way you see yourself, and the world around you, from the inside out.

No one telling you what this journey “should” be like and you striving to get there. Just you, empowered with new levels of self knowledge, motivated by compassion and love.

Owning your healing journey, every step of the way.

I’m here to help you become the person you were always meant to be.

Meet Katie

For as far back as I can remember, I was a chronic self-doubter.
Self-conscious to the max and the ultimate people pleaser.
Beating myself up for the smallest of things, and over-analysing absolutely everything.

It was exhausting, and I frequently felt deeply depressed, trapped in my mind, full of hate for myself.

I tried to live from the heart – to do the things that triggered “that feeling” within – but it wasn’t long before I would get in my own way. The self-doubt would hit me, and my anxiety was escalate. I over-analysed every passing moment, and decision I had to make, once again becoming overwhelmed by feelings of unworthiness and self-loathing.

Things eventually erupted. Powering through and pretending was no longer an option.

Something in me was calling out for more, and I could no longer ignore it.

This is when Reiki, meditation and mindfulness came into my life.
And I haven’t looked back since.

I am now living my truth. I have found my voice in the world, my confidence, my self-belief and self-compassion. Anxiety is no longer the primary feeling in my life. The heavy, negative thoughts and feelings no longer have complete power over me.

The challenges I encounter – internally and externally – no longer absorb every ounce of my energy; I embrace them as an opportunity for growth, to uncover something new about myself so I can deepen my understanding and compassion, and continue to heal.

But perhaps most importantly, I’ve learnt to love and care for the scared, insecure, self critical part of myself – to listen to but not succumb to what she has to say, so that I can truly and wholeheartedly thrive as the person I was meant to be.

And you can too.

I’ve had several Reiki sessions with Katie and have felt a lovely mixture of energised and relaxed after all of them. She has a genuinely beautiful energy and is committed and sincere in delivering the best healing experience possible. The feedback we share after the sessions always aligns and includes some clear insight and intuition into where I might focus my energy. Katie’s communication before and after our time together is warm, kind and sensitive, with really good advice about self-care and how to handle anything that may arise physically or emotionally.

Karen, 2021


Your Wholeheartedly You journey starts here.

Getting to know, and learning to love who you truly are takes commitment and is the journey of a lifetime. It’s not always easy, but I promise you it is worth it.

Through Reiki healing, meditation and mindfulness mentoring, I will guide you.

You’re not alone.

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