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Distance Reiki Healing for inner peace

Distance Reiki Healing
with Katie

If you are unable to visit Shepherds Bush, West London for a Reiki treatment with Katie, then distance Reiki healing is just as powerful and effective.

How does it work?

Well, we are so much more than physical matter.

Life force energy, also known as “chi”, “qi” or “prana”, is the essence of life that flows through all living things.

In fact all matter in the universe is fundamentally formed of energy.

It is the thing that connects us all.

Given that energy is everywhere and in everyone, and is free from the constraints of time or space, energy can be channelled to anywhere or anyone from afar, no matter what the distance.

This is how a distance Reiki healing session works.

For a treatment, I recommend laying down with some relaxing music, if you can. That said, there is no need to lie still – Reiki will flow to you regardless of what you are doing, but why not take the opportunity to be carve out some precious time for you – to rest and relax.

I will then connect with you, no matter where you are in the world, and channel Reiki to you.

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Katie is a wonderful, gentle, deeply caring, loving and very empathic reiki therapist. She is great at feeling in what you need and is super gentle in her reiki approach. I loved every single session with her – all of them were very powerful and deeply loving and healing <3 She is a gem! (As i am not located in UK i did all of them online!)

Vicky, Berlin